I’m a New York artist, a Boomer, who moved to Mexico in 2010. I was a magazine designer who published comix and painted. I retired and left the city while the magazine business model and the economy were collapsing. Like many old Bohemians and leftists over the decades, I found refuge in Mexico.

This website is an archive of my comix from 1992 to 2010, (Search for the Goddess is from 2018), and my paintings and illustrations from my years in New York and in Mexico. 

Also in the ‘Comix’ section are two little videos, Dance of the 7 Shopping Trips, and Mexican Vacation. Below is a video from a storytelling workshop called: I Answer a Personal Ad, which was made in 2023. Adapting at last to the reality of digital media, I am slowly moving from the page to the screen. 

I Answer a Personal Ad